HIDEME Privacy Consultants

CyberSec / NetSec / OSINT Support
Securing Your Identity, Data, and Peace of Mind.

What We Do

The internet has intertwined itself into everyone one of our daily lives, whether we like it or not. Our mission is to help people protect their identities, data, and privacy from those that collect, snoop, or bring harm to our clients.

Data Obfuscation

Processes for removing, obscuring, and securing your private metadata from searches, downloads, shopping, and other online activities.

Secure Communication

How easy is it to glean your exact location from your mobile device? Too easy. HideMe helps to protect you from tracking and helps you implement secure, end-to-end encrypted communication protocols.

Identity Protection

The internet has made us all easy to find; this can turn into a nightmare as quickly as it takes to send a tweet. We help you protect your identity with processes ranging from "scrubbing" your online profiles, to setting up fictitious addresses to avoid potential harm.

OSINT Services

Have you experienced harassment, blackmail or been scammed online? We can help you find the individuals and collect the information you need to get the justice you deserve.

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